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A passion for helping others. That is the foundation on which Carolina Aquino built a store filled with the tools to manifest self-acceptance and inner peace. Love & Leaf is dedicated to those who believe that they can transform into a better version of themselves.

From hand-picked wildflowers to sacred herbs to crystals, we gather only the best ingredients direct from the source, learning its best uses and practices along the way to then share with you.

We welcome questions and providing you assistance in choosing the gemstones and burn bundles that will prove significant to your life journey.

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Mineral Magic

One of the greatest things about Crystals is that they are all unique and different. When we explore the world of crystals, we must understand and keep in mind that we are looking at more than just one name, one use, one effect and benefit – as what they say, there is more than meets the eyes. There are crystals for zodiac signs, for feng shui, love and happiness, life and abundance and health. Along your journey to knowing more about crystals, you will discover how you can use the energies of the crystals to help yourself physically, draw energies to help yourself emotionally and help yourself release spiritual blockings.

The high vibrational power of crystals encourages us to shift our perspective, get centered in what we want and manifest our aspirations into realities. When we combine the healing properties of crystals with a mindful effort to evolve, we can finally embark on the spiritual path toward the person we were always meant to be. To have a success story of your own, let the crystals be your muse.

Energy Clearing

Reach Your Highest Frequency

The art of smoke cleansing is an ancient ritual based on wisdom and deep, comprehensive knowledge that your body, mind, and spirit are meant to be healed in harmony as a whole system. Love & Leaf extends these beliefs through our collection of handcrafted Spiritual Bouquets. Smoke cleansing is an opportunity to step into ancient tradition and partake in a practice that many call “moving meditation”

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