The Healing Power of the Present Moment

“Dr. Sagan, lately I’ve been feeling so disconnected from the core of who I am. I feel like I’m losing my life’s direction. What can I do?”

I’ve heard this from clients many times during our sessions. This sense of feeling lost often happens because the fast pace of life has disconnected us from our core.

Whenever we feel like we are losing perspective, it can mean that we are out of touch with what we truly want or care about. In these moments, it can be helpful to take a step back and notice what it is that made us lose our sense of inner connection and alignment. We can ask ourselves questions such as: “Have I been letting my fears get the best of me? Do I have feelings of doubt? Am I dealing with work stress? Am I overwhelmed?”

A great technique to find the source of your disconnection is to quiet your mind, turn your attention inward, and enter the present moment. As you reconnect within, let the voice of your inner wisdom inform you. The very act of pausing, quieting your mind, and allowing yourself to be still is a nourishing act of self-connection and can reveal valuable information that you might otherwise miss.

Try building these small moments of self-connection into your everyday life. The more you do this, the more you build up the most important relationship there is: the one you have with yourself. When you can find satisfaction from being in the present moment you won’t feel so disconnected anymore. In the present moment, you can release yourself from concerns of the past or the future and simply be with yourself, right where you are, right now.

There is a pure simplicity in reconnecting with yourself. Allow yourself to welcome these refreshing moments of clarity as they cut through distraction. Let yourself reconnect to get re-centered.

During states of profound self-connection, you may also gain valuable insights into your life. I like to think of these as golden seeds that, with care and nurturance, will grow into an abundant world in which many of our hopes and dreams spring to life. Guided by these insights you can move toward what you truly want, and away from those things that aren’t truly important or beneficial for you. The more you tune in to your inner world, the more you will naturally begin to move in the direction that is inherently best for you: away from fear and anxiety, and toward self-connection and inner peace.

When you can figure out the cause of your disconnections, you can more clearly separate distractions from the things that matter most to you. Making this distinction allows you to illuminate and your passions and focus on following them.

Another great way to get centered and back on track is to let your passions guide your direction in life. In doing so, you begin to intuitively follow a path navigated by your personal strengths, experiences, and passions. You start to follow the path of your life’s true direction. The old road filled with fears and judgments no longer calls you.


If you are looking to heal yourself, Presence can often be the greatest healer. When you are outside of physical, emotional, and mental reactivity, you can connect with what is happening in the reality of the present moment and connect with your core, authentic Self. It is through this state of Presence that you can find healing, self-love and your life’s purpose, which gives you your life’s direction and provides guidance in every moment.

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