How Holistic Intelligence Can Make Your Life Better

Most of the time, we move through life guided by emotional and mental reactions to input. Anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, and other reactions can start to rule our lives and create stress. MindAlign’s techniques help us get back in control of ourselves by teaching us mindfulness based self-regulation techniques to get out of reactivity and into a deeper state of self-connection. When we are outside of physical, emotional, and mental reactivity, we drop into our core, authentic Self and connect with what is happening in the reality of the present moment.

From a state of inner alignment, we respond to people and situations not from our narrow reactions, but from a broader orientation of holistic intelligence. In other words, when we are wholly connected with ourselves through present-moment awareness, we are able to access our whole system of physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual intelligence, instead of merely our limited mental or emotional reactions.

Operating from holistic intelligence allows us to stay calm in stressful situations, find peace in chaos, stay in balance, live our truth, and skillfully navigate our world and social terrain in every moment. By actively living in this state of present-moment alignment we find healing, self-love and our life’s purpose. The MindAlign Method helps us access our holistic intelligence to get what we want in life, whether that is happiness, health, family, or anything else.

The more we practice self-connection and living in the present moment, the easier it becomes to operate from holistic intelligence. Ultimately, living from a holistic orientation allows us to realize our potential and expand into a higher consciousness for living in alignment with self, others, and the universe. This can create a huge shift in human consciousness into alignment, presence, and empowerment.

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