How to Use Your Emotions to Find a Direction

Turn your attention inside.

Feel into the space inside of you.

Feel into the space around you.

Notice where you are connected.

Notice where you are disconnected.

Feel your whole body.  


Relax your body with your exhale.  

Let yourself be guided by your whole system of intelligence that is here to reveal your purpose of what you are here to do. Learn to be present with the rhythm of your life as it unfolds within you and through you in any given moment.

Sometimes my patients think emotions are bad, but I like to tell them that feelings are doorways for us to invite wisdom into our lives. Emotions can guide you deeper into alignment with yourself. They can help you know what to say and do in any given moment. When we know how to work with our emotions (not react upon them), they provide a powerful inner navigation system.

When my patients move away from their feelings because they are uncomfortable, they push away the very information needed to guide and direct them. It’s not just my patients. The majority of people end up suppressing their feelings, running away from them, ignoring them, pushing them away, or acting them out. Either way, they are not having the direct, full, and healthy experience of their feelings.

Some people can be so terrified of their feelings that they use medication, food, alcohol, or other substances or behaviors to numb them out. Other people look outside of themselves to figure out what to do and how to handle problems and situations. They look to self help books, online programs, personal coaches, psychology articles and more to answer their questions. While these external resources can offer helpful information, the best way to handle our feelings is to slow down and go inside to access the valuable emotional information our bodies have to tell us. If we want to use our feelings to navigate our lives, we have to allow ourselves to first experience our feelings fully. Then we will be able to feel what direction to take ourselves.

How do we access this information and make it usable?

Emotions have a beginning, a middle, and an end. To experience an emotion, we must learn how to ride the wave of feeling.

When we begin to experience intense emotions, we must build the capacity to hold space inside of ourselves to feel them. We do so by first allowing these emotions to settle, and then in the calm after the storm you will receive the information. It can be painful to experience what we used to run away from, so it’s important to allow yourself to breathe, drop into your body, let your mind to be at rest, and allow yourself to feel connected to the grace that is guiding your life. The more you feel safe to have feelings and to let them be without trying to change or fix them, you will find these very emotions and feelings carry information and signals that you need to direct your life. You will begin to filter the reactions from the information in the emotions and use the information to guide you into success.

If you exit the wave before it crashes by suppressing, running away, or acting out, you lose the magic moment of receiving information from that quiet space, the calm after the storm. Train yourself to not bail out because you are concerned or thinking that maybe you will have a panic attack. When you do ride the wave, you will learn all the skills you need to manage your life and trust yourself.

It’s important to understand that emotional information does not come to you like a thought comes into your head. True intuitive information that is sourced from the intelligence of your emotions comes from outside of the thinking and doing process. It erupts from the depths of you being present in the moment and fully connected with the reality of what is happening in the Now. It comes from a quiet and subtle place that you can only access when your body, emotions, and mind are in silence. This information comes together in a deep knowing. It is a truth that you simply know because you know it.

We all have had these times in our lives. They are known as peak experiences or intuitive moments. It is when we know what we know because we know it, and we don’t need to defend it or excuse it because we know there is no other truth. It is a truth so certain there is no other possibility. All we need to do to access that truth is learn to enter the stillness of the present moment, then we can use that wisdom to point us in the right direction and guide us into Informed Action.

This is the promise that learning how to settle in our feelings brings. It offers a whole new world of guidance that is separate from our mind and mental processing. This guidance comes from being and resting instead of doing and thinking. Inspiration comes through feeling in a state of relaxation through connection with the right brain, and it comes through the peace of the present moment.

When we know how to access the intelligence of our emotions through the present moment, it becomes as natural and second nature as breathing.

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