I dedicated myself completely to a spiritual journey that took me all over the world. Over a 20-year period, I followed a myriad of teachers and plowed through dozens of books. Yet nothing clicked because no matter how many miles I logged, I had yet to take that first step: Connecting with myself. Everything changed once I committed to myself. Once I chose to stay and relate to myself. To say yes to myself.

Once I saw the transformative effects of connecting with myself in my own life, I wanted to share this gift. I developed the MindAlign™ Method so that it would take others only a fraction of the time it took me to achieve those results. Ever since, I’ve worked with thousands of people who had roadblocks to their happiest life – and once they learned how to connect with themselves and practice inner alignment, they experienced dramatic changes in every area of their lives.

I want that for you, too.

Let me tell you how I got there. Along my journey, no matter how many teachers I studied with, where I lived or traveled, the lessons I learned remained conceptual. I thought something was wrong with me because while I read dozens of books, and learned how to meditate and achieve blissful states of consciousness, I couldn’t translate those lessons into transforming my own life.

I could follow what the teachers were saying and live my life the way they were living theirs, but in the end, I was living a borrowed life – their life and not my own. I still wasn’t learning the most important skills for being on planet Earth, which are relating and connecting to others in a really healthy way. It felt like I had the most important word in the world on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t quite access it.

I broke through in 2008, when I met the teacher who changed everything. She took me on a journey of self-embodiment practices, where I learned to connect with my body, open up to my breath, and stay with my feelings no matter how challenging or painful. Finally I was able to bring myself into a healthy relationship with myself, an inner-alignment, which was that necessary first step that I had struggled to access for so long. This was the step that finally allowed me to blossom outward into healthy relationships with others.

It was through practicing self-embodiment and connecting to my emotional world that my inner truth was able to shine through and guide my life. What I found is that the Truth is not outside myself. The deeper I dropped in and grasped a connection to myself through paying attention to my own experience – physically, emotionally, mentally – that was where I found my true self and my inner wisdom. The quieter I became inside, the greater my ability to hear my own, true voice.

Now I live guided by my inner truth and live life on my own terms. I have less stress and more joy. I am fully, 100% myself in every moment.

I learned to align my mind with my body in order to begin to align my whole life.

My wish is for you to experience the peace of inner alignment and create the life you wish for yourself just as I did. I want to help you translate concepts into true, lived experience. Just as my teacher helped me, I want to help you too!

I invite you to join me as I share what I have learned and experienced in my journey to personal transformation, so that you can have your own personal transformation too!

Through my DrSagan.com blog and my platform www.MindAlignInstitute.com I hope to share the wisdom and knowledge that I have spent my life learning, so that you can benefit from it and practice it without having to go on the decades-long journey that I did. (For even more content, you can subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on my social media! Just scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope it resonated with you in some small way. If it did, please take a moment to share your experience with me here. I love hearing from you!

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