From 1992 to 2008, I travelled around the world consistently, looking for natural healing.

I wanted to know: What really brings health, healing and happiness? Where does the joy of life come from?

Well that quest took me around the world – from China, to Thailand, to Malaysia, Singapore, Siberia, Brazil, Peru, Israel, Portugal, across the United States, and all over Europe and Africa. No stone was left unturned.

But after years of searching and thousands of miles of traveling, I realized I had been searching for something my whole life that I still hadn’t found.

Then, at the end of 2008, I discovered what I had been looking for and I quit traveling.

What was it that I discovered?

I learned the step of turning my attention inward to feel my breath inside of me, to feel myself in my body, connected with the earth. I discovered all of that movement is happening inside of me, if I know how to connect.

Dr. Meredith Sagan

When I finally learned to come home to myself, I found more than I had ever imagined. Not only did I find a certain inner freedom and peace, but also the voice of my own inner wisdom guiding me. Everything that I had been looking for outside of me could already be found within!

Now I can sync up with that river of movement inside of me no matter where I am, to make myself feel happy at any moment. I can listen to my inner voice so that every moment of my life all flows within that same river of self-connection.

And as I practice living in self-alignment, I am learning that I am really the master of my own destiny.

By learning how to access your own inner connection, through breath, movement, and self-observation, you can become the master of your own destiny too.

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