VIDEO: Paris Jackson: Happiness, Self-Love & Inner Connection

Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, has openly shared that she has struggled with mental health issues, namely depression. (See the original Rolling Stone article referenced here.)

How is it that someone who appears to have it all – wealth, beauty, fame – seems to struggle so much in finding happiness? This leaves the rest of us wondering…

What leads to true happiness?

Many people are asking this these days. As there are more people falling victim to opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental health issues, so many of us are struggling for the answer to true health and happiness.

In my psychiatric practice and the MindAlign Institute for the general public, I teach people the importance of redirecting our attention away from the externals and towards working with oneself to find inner happiness. External circumstances, no matter how good they may be, do not necessarily lead to happiness.

This is why I promote internal happiness. By leaning the steps to take care of yourself and source happiness from the inside out, you protect yourself from falling into the hazards of drug addiction, mental health issues and so forth.

How do we begin this type of appreciation for what we have? And how do we go beyond thinking that these external objects are the things that we need to complete us?

In popular culture we tend to believe that money, power and social status will bring us happiness. We think that being poor and not being materially wealthy equates to a sad life. But the truth is that even people with very few material possessions can be very happy and mentally healthy if they have love and connection within a community. On the other hand, some of the ultra wealthy are unhappy, lonely, and suffering. So if money and material goods are not the keys to happiness, what is it?

What leads to authentic happiness?

By connecting with yourself inside to relax your body, hold passive your emotions, and quiet your mind, you can find inner happiness. Once you find inner happiness, this peace radiates out and impacts all areas of your life.

As a psychiatrist, this is the only thing I’ve found that truly works. The daily work of cultivating inner awareness, self-observation and self-mastery is what truly works. These practices can lead to sustainable inner peace, happiness, and self-love.

In order to experience self-love, we need to be available to feel what is going on inside of us. Today so many of us are lost in our phones or something outside of ourselves that feels so real, but is in fact not real to us. We think these things are ourselves, but they are in fact not us. So when we talk of self-love, we need to feel the experience. But to feel the experience, we need to be available to have that connection with ourselves and feel.

This is why the first thing I teach all my patients and students is how to make a U-Turn with your attention to come back to yourself and feel what is happening right there inside.

This can be challenging because it’s not necessarily love that we first feel, but self-loathing, judgement, self-dislike, judgment, and other negative self-feelings that we want to escape. But with the right education and technique, we can make the U-turn with our attention and feel whats going on right here.

With self-observation and life skills we can learn how to come into balance to stay physically relaxed, emotionally quiet, and mentally neutral. From that space we can begin to feel a sense of self and good feelings coming from inside.

Over time, this becomes the pathway to self love. Until then, there’s no bridge to go from outside to inside. Self love is largely taught as a concept. We are told to love ourselves, but it’s not really accessible. To truly access self-love, we need to do the work.

Join me as I teach the public how to practice the life skills and lifestyle needed to cultivate self-love and true happiness. You and the world will be better off for it!

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