What’s in the Present Moment for me?

When you are in a state of self-alignment, you can live in the present moment of your life.

What is the Present Moment?

The presence moment is the sphere of experience that exists outside of our physical, emotional, and mental reactivity. It exists outside of our minds and outside of reactive doing. The only thing that separates us from Presence are these physical, emotional, and mental reactions. After we quiet this reactivity, we will be in a state of Presence because it is the only thing left. When we are in a state of Presence, it can lead you to deeper self-love and self-forgiveness.

Why is Presence the Goal?

Presence is the goal because Presence connects you with your inner wisdom. You can find freedom wherever you are, in any situation, when you find connection within yourself. You know what to say and do in any given moment to make the situation work. Presence is protective.  There is no suffering in the present moment because suffering is mind-made.

Presence exists when the mind, body and emotions are quiet. How to know you’re in Presence is when the background becomes the foreground. Presence is the equivalent of Love because you’re returning to the wholeness within. When love becomes an inside job you no longer depend on others, because others are unpredictable. People can come and go, and sometimes they have an inability to give love based on how reactive they are in any given moment. Presence is a stable force. Self-love doesn’t come and go because it’s not subject to reactivity. When you’re in a state of self-love and self-connection, you can find love and comfort anywhere.

What’s in the Present Moment for you?

The most efficient way to work with yourself and others is by learning how to reside in the Present Moment to access the wisdom found in it. This inner wisdom serves as an asset to yourself and all the teams you are on.  When you are in the Present Moment, this is where you are able to connect and receive guidance from your inner wisdom and translate the information into being usable on a team to contribute to others and the mission of good that you are all on together.

Access to the whole exists in the present moment.  In the present moment, the whole is all that there is. There is no distracting worry about the past or future. This is internal work with the focus on and intention to access the wisdom of the Present Moment by listening with spiritual ears.

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